May 14, 2012
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Law Schools for Working Adults

Law Schools for Working Adults


Law schools for working adults must have a flexible schedule that can accommodate their work and family obligations without diminishing the law school education received, and they need it at a reasonable coast.  Most adults law students cannot afford to stop working during law school because their families rely on them.  These working adult law students should look to alternative law school programs that offer flexibility and affordability.


As well, students who do not have a law school nearby or do not have the time in their day to commute back and forth should consider online law schools.  For example, courses at the California School of Law are held only twice a week, student participates in a live video conference classroom from the convenience of their home or office.  This saves the student the time and money of commuting allowing the student to devote the extra time to their family or in preparing for law school.


The California School of Law is truly a law schools for working adults with a whole host of students who might not otherwise have ever had the opportunity to attend Law School. Tuition is only $2,500 a trimester, $30,000 for the 4 year degree, so students are not forced into crushing student debt, the average law student borrows $68,827 to as much as $200,000 at a traditional law school.


Many prospective law students are not aware of the additional costs associated with law school, outside of tuition fees.  A student should consider the costs of: relocation to a new city, cost of living, cost of books and study aids, income lost by leaving a steady job, and costs associated with taking the bar exam. And if you have a family quitting you job and taking on $100,000 + debt is not even an option.


Law School with Alternative Admissions


The traditional criteria for admission to law school such as LSAT scores and undergraduate grade point average do not always accurately measure the potential of someone who has been in the work force for years. Working adults need a law school Alternative Admissions criteria, not just a GPA/LSAT formula The California School of Law does not require LSAT for admissions and as long as you have a bachelors/associates degree you will be admitted to the law school.


The California School of Law works to identify, recruit, and to afford an opportunities to students of promise and personal commitment to become successful attorneys. The California School of Law is an alternative law school that attempts to provide a traditional law school environment similar to a brick and mortar law school but one that working adults can afford and attend for home.


For more info http://www.californiaschooloflaw.com/